silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Brief follow up to a couple of previous posts:

Haunted Stitch went for $11,000. $11,000! I hope the seller doesn't accept checks.

JC's chewing gum went for $1.50. Oh, JC. I'm so sorry. But, you know, maybe this new publicist isn't really for you after all. Stupid Jive.

I'm supposed to be at that hospice conference today, but apparently I've decided to catch a cold instead. And since I never get sick, I am EXTREMELY WHINY right now and righteous about it besides. I'm going back to bed and SO WHAT. I CAN IF I WANT TO. TCH.

But first, my story for the WITR writing thingy: It Came From the Sky!!! (this is who we are at the end of the world remix).

(Guaranteed with fewer commas on my site.)

A remix of Dizmo's It Came From The Sky!!!, it was actually patterned after the style of Millenium, CC's other show. But since no one I talked to had ever even SEEN Millenium hardly, let's just say this is my Xfiles story and leave it at that. Hee!

Thanks to Dizmo, and to Zvi again for putting the whole thing together.
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