silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Well, now I'm qualified to save kids' lives in an emergency. That's nice. I just hope I remember how, the next time we have a pediatric patient on my unit. And as always, the adults are on their own.

The zoo the other day was cute, cute as a bug! About a twelve-and-a-half minute zoo. They had a couple of bored-looking bald eagles, an elephant, a whole bunch of cockatoos, and goats. Goats! That made it all worthwhile. I didn't have any pellets, but I know how to scratch a goat's head (no, that is not code), so all of us were happy. Then I drove home, to find seventy-two billion comments in my inbox.

Y'ALL IS SOME WORDY BITCHES. Awesome. I might be caught up now. But it makes me a little frightened to ask my next question, because my typing fingers, they get so tired, the three of them. But I'll soldier on.

Is the beta process different in other fandoms? I've only written in this one. Hell, is the beta process different for other people? I know, why don't you just describe what you and your beta(s) do together, you pervs. Of course, since I've begged most of my flist to beta for me at one point or another, I might already know. But, what do betas do? What's a good beta, and a bad one? Tell me, tell me, baby.

Dear NSync,

Hi, it's me. How's it going? Nevermind.

Would you have a kitten if I wrote to Alison Krauss and asked her to do a bluegrass version of God Must Have Spent? Because a little washboard, a mandolin, some screechy mountain harmonies, that would ROCK. Or, you know.

What? Jeez, sorry. Fine.

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