silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Work today, blah. But before I hop into the shower, check this out:

Lymphoma Journal

This guy had lymphoma, went through the chemo and the radiation and the bone marrow transplant, and has been disease-free for over two years. We love people like that, rare as they are. Here he details the process, what he experienced daily or weekly from his diagnosis on through to his two year check-up, and I thought I'd stick the link up here in case any of you were curious about my job and my patients.

This guy is exceptional, though, an ideal patient. I really believe his attitude is a big contributing factor to his survival. All of the anguish and physical unwellness he goes through, and he never bitches at the people around him, never feels sorry for himself or decides that life is just shit, why did this have to happen to him. It's not that he doesn't complain. He has plenty to complain about, god knows! But he doesn't hold his bitterness close, doesn't blame others and the world for what simply *is*. He's my hero.

Well, shit. I'm late.
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