silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Well, I bought a pair of orange pants today. As if I needed any more proof of the existence of PMS.

Other than that, I either have 42 paragraphs of stuff to say or not much at all. So I'll just mourn how tired JC looks lately, although I love the shiny jacket, and I'll repeat my hope that he's a free climber in his spare time, because damn, those arms. Like, he wouldn't even have to hunch over to grab hi... okay, okay. In honor of the fact that JC apparently trolls all of lj in search of any mention of his name, I'll try to be circumspect. This once.

Hi, JC! How's it going? Good, good. *grimaces*

Annnnyway, isn't this about the sweetest picture ever? Yeah. Moving right along, I'm reading Gibson's Pattern Recognition right now and enjoying it hugely. It's the best piece of meta fanfic ever. And I'm writing some gay porn, but don't tell JC. And I'm still ambivalent about my job, in the sense that I hate it so much, but what're you gonna do. Status quo for me, over here. How about y'all?

I had a little something written up about the Rise and Fall of jcfunhouse, but I deleted it. Yay, for my soul!

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