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1. the new tshirts at MF are fugly. But I might get one just to get the JC postcards. Ahahahahaha!!

2. I moved the soapdish on my kitchen sink and nine million baby cockroaches and one adult tried to scurry away. Under the soapdish! Nowhere else in my kitchen do cockroaches live. I know, because I just picked up every single object in my kitchen. Who knew cockroaches were able to develop a sense of irony? Now I really feel like a murderer.

3. it wasn't PMS, it was, like, MS. I used to keep track of days, but I haven't done that in years, and now my period is always a delightful surprise. A surprise that almost invariably announces itself on the busiest days at work, when an unscheduled trip to the restroom might mean THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH for one of my patients. Or else I won't be there when they need that container of cranberry juice off the side table. One or the other. It always feels like the first, to me, but I assume that'll fade as I become more experienced old and tired.

4. okay, here's the thing about jcfunhouse:

Clearly, DLC is a smart person, charismatic, and she has this roughshod, tumbling writing style that manages to be kind of charming and poetic at the same time as it's completely ignorant of grammar and spelling. Ahahahaha!! Okay, I move on.

Thing is, she really knows how to work that nudge-nudge-wink-wink the Josh I remember, but those days are gone, and I can't talk about it anyhow *dramatic sigh* vibe that is like ABSOLUTE CATNIP CRACK in this fandom. I don't know how, but it's just that convincing, just that barely plausible, that some people rally around her while others can't quite dismiss her, and the rest of us are left over here, mocking like the evil bitches I am we are.

I mean, it's the utterly fabulous classic lj drama! Seemingly meaningful posts appear and disappear from minute to minute, as though the pressure of her memories leads her to spill private info about JC, info that she later thinks better of revealing. And anonymous posters both challenge and substantiate her claims, while Certain People email her because she's just that close to what's really happening at the heart of it all, and we get to witness everything!! It's compulsive reading, I tell you. Because if it's true, OMG this girl knew JC, and JC reads the funhouse, and JC COMMENTS THERE ANONYMOUSLY!! Omg, omg!! Fuck, yeah. And even if it's complete bunk, it's just too deliciously wanky to resist.

Plus, she's smart enough to present it all under the guise of "I'm just trying to help JC out, because I'm a fan, and I remember how he used to be." It's brilliant advertising, is what it is, because the basic assumption is that she knows how he used to be, and she really has his best interests at heart, really just wants him to be happy and real. Like he isn't now, somehow, but that's also brilliant, because we can all take whatever dissatisfactions we feel over JC's choices or behaviors (hell, even stuff like Nsync's hiatus and what the other guys are doing) and actually do something about them, posting in this sort of help forum where we'll all figure out together what he needs, and then Certain People might read those posts and see our wisdom as concerned, loving fans. Again, irresistable. It speaks to that part of the fannish soul that wants a little bit of contact with JC's Real Life, wants a little input into his career. I mean, I don't know about y'all, but I find it exhiliarating to think of JC actually reading my posts and knowing of my existence in the universe and my feelings about him. Wait, did I say "exhiliarating"? I meant "terrifying." Nevermind.

But, yeah. It's completely cute how DLC would say something like "behave, now" and every single poster would get ridiculously, deliriously formal and polite, because they really believed. DLC has the power, man, and Someone Is Watching. It's just too bad she never used her power for good. No, instead we got the squabbles, the rants, and the badmouthing of Jayne, which, let's face it, is like shooting fish in the crazy barrel. And we also really got the gameplaying, wherein DLC set little traps for her flist and went up in a puff of righteous smoke every time someone fell in. We're all familiar with this one, I think. DLC is nothing if not aware of how people perceive her. She seems very aware that she comes off as wanky, but she manages to turn it around and make it into a test of loyalty every time, like some kind of fandom notpr0n, in which the True Believers demonstrate their worthiness to advance through the levels, to remain in the know.

Dude! I'm telling you. DLC has this impressive crafty-naive talent for leadership, this kind of cult leader smartness. If she doesn't self-destruct and wank herself right off the internets, I really think she'll be a force to be respected. Someday. Ahahahaha!!

HEE! I just typoed that as "internest," and boy, I almost left it that way.

5. Dentist, mechanic, yoga. Everything gets a little tuneup at my house this week! Also, it occurred to me the other day that I could just, you know, get a dresser, if I disliked piling my clothing on the white plastic shelves so much. That was a revelation. I swear, I have to up and move across county every so often just to jump-start my brain. I settle in, and I can feel the wave forms collapsing.

6. Speaking of which, morning, JC. *waves*
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