silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Appointments made with dentist and auto mechanic. Much anxiety, for me and my car. Why should I mind if they work on my car? But I do, I can't stand it, the sound of the power tools and the sight of my poor car, stranded in midair. Actually, I hate it more than when the dentist comes at me with the needles and the grinding things. I kind of don't mind that at all, to tell the truth, at the same time as I'm hating it. It's complicated. Kind of like loving the constant irritating pinch of getting a tattoo, i.e., I'm a perv. You're shocked, aren't you? Lie to me.

But it's the extreme pain whenever I bite down that really bugs me, and which cannot bode well, for a couple of reasons. Nothing must interfere with my feeding. And nothing had better tap into the money I've saved for Challenge, either, dammit. Since I'm positive their two-day Nsync-lite extravaganza will be, like, 1000 dollars this time. I'm so cynical. But willing to pay. It's all about the contradictory mixes for me lately, and anyway, isn't that the definition of perverse? Loving what should be hated?

Work was very odd yesterday (as always), but in a different way (as always). I was in the PCU, but since we had only three patients up there, I was by myself, with a tech. Very odd to be stranded with no other RNs around, but my patients were so stable, so essentially well and fixin' to go home, that instead of being really crazy busy with no help, the tech and I sat around and read Vogue and People and other such trash magazines. Did you know that Britney Spears is pregnant? JUST kidding, I know that's old news. But once again I was faced with the fact that I know infinitely more about celebrity gossip than ANYONE ELSE IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE except for my flist, and if that isn't the fountain of immaturity youth, I don't know what is. How embarrassing is it when you know more about pop music and celebrity hijinks and brand names than your 23 yr old bubble-headed tech? Way.

I must go feed now, which reminds me. The vampire downstairs went to bed at 8 am this morning. Soon he will roll right over into a normal person schedule, and on that day I will freak out, and no doubt perversely be bored with him.
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