silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

A good day. There are some kind of black birds with yellow beaks nesting in the divider wall between my porch and the neighbor's, and from the sounds of it there are about 42 young'uns in there, and they're hungry all the time, a happy sound. My car needed no work done on it at all, despite the exhaustive inspection, and the sad look on the mechanic's face was a wonder to behold. I had some weird pork thing from the Mexican place by my house for lunch, yummy, and spent the afternoon looking at pictures of JC in a fabulous pair of pants, even yummier. And people on my flist are explaining why they have ljs, which makes me laugh, but not in a mean way, I swear! I love it when people talk about what they're doing and why. It rocks. It's the basis for everything, for me, and I hope it never stops.

I have an lj because I like to write about stuff, and I like to talk to other people about stuff, and because I'm an attention whore. Hee! That's pretty much it. I don't have a lot of defensiveness about it, because I'm not really under any illusions. Not too many, anyway. Welcome!
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