silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Of the random:

I am firm in my resolve, and will not read the Kaelieth until it's complete. But it's killing me. Just so you know.

I'm so bummed! I missed Family Plots last Sunday! I love that show. And that Intervention show, I meant to catch it, too, because the dude from Days of the New was on there. Their first record is brilliant, but this guy is a total wash, apparently, trying to kill himself the slow, hard way. Actually, I'm not that sorry I missed the show. It's really difficult for me to watch, issues, etc., but when it's on I find myself unable to look away. I yell at the tv a lot, "don't let her DO THAT TO YOU, for one thing!!" to the families, as if it should be that easy, and "get OVER yourself," to the junkies, because I kind of suck like that, a defense, never mind. Anyway, most of the substance abusers seem to go to Vista Taos, and I love the footage of the town and surrounding areas, and I think that's a phenomenal place to get clean, a very spiritual place. It can be hard living up there, though, so it's also easy to fall back down, and partying is what people do in Taos, because sometimes there's not a whole lot else to do but hang out and get high. Also, drugs are a great quick way to get in touch with all the weird energies out there. 'Strue. Never mind. Old stuff, old stuff, still there. Clearly. :)

Bwah! Best ebay auction EVER! The pictures are priceless. But Jesus, who would buy that thing? Clearly, it's cursed.

I have officially received time off for Challenge. Yay! I may dislike my job, but I'm not ready to quit. Although yes, I was ready to quit, if necessary. One must have priorities. Also, I have some days off for when sperrywink and dick_grayson visit. Rock on.

I found myself singing "JC's in lo-ove-- JC's in love, he's in love love love" A LOT yesterday, very annoying, and so very sad. But I think he is. He's doomed.

Off to the grocery store, and maybe to the science center for the hell of it, and then back here for the cable guy, because Spike tv is fuzzy, and when I can't watch CSI twelve times a day, I get bitter.

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