silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Happy birthday, Shakespeare!! 441 and looking fine! Biggest of the BNFs! His friendsof list is huge.

Ah, JT, JT. How I love thee. No doubt everybody already saw this, but I need to be able to find it again, so I post. Doesn't Fred look smitten? Really, it's hard to resist Justin. I know; I've tried.

I've been having these weird, excruciatingly detailed dreams that last for days every night, very good, very comforting. Last night I was remodeling the apartment, but not the one I live in now, of course, because although my dreams are pretty literal in their metaphoricalism, they're not that obvious. Although, as I surveyed the dusty, chipped blue tile floors and the dark wood, I knew I was dreaming about, like, my subconscious or whatever, and I remember snorting in my dream and thinking, not another house dream. But I didn't mean it. I love the house dreams. They're my state of the union dreams, and an empty space, waiting for the redo? I'll take it.

Reread Triangle: Angle One last night, and holy shit, it smokes even hotter with every reread. pierson needs to write Angle Two, don't you think? I answer for you: YES.

Boy, a person gets spoiled seeing photos of JC all over the place one day, and then the next day, nothing. I still love the gas station photos, stalkery as they are. It's because I have no morals. Or would that be "scruples"? Whatever. Anybody have any photos of JC taking out the trash or something? JC? How about you? You can post them anonymously, you know, like you do. *waves*

no, you know, that never does get old. hmm. do I suck? I answer for you: YES
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