silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

I now have:

+PAIN KILLERRRS, woo, despite the fact I told the dentist it didn't hurt that bad *shrugs*
+MANY appointments for various root canals, cleanings, crown placements, oral surgery consultations, etc.

Dude. Maybe I'll start flossing after all. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Too late.

Anyway, I can't be in denial if I write about it, right, so let's move on. Wasn't someone on the old flist wondering about current SF and Fantasy, having not read anything since about the 80's? Oh, maybe that was me. Well, I found The Agony Column, which seems to be a bunch of book reviews, looks pretty interesting. I mean, I've only scanned so far, but in one review he compares a recent mass market fantasy release to a cement brick, with photos and measurements and everything. That's promising. Totally my kind of crit.

So, what you're saying is, the solution to my trickC angst is to write some? Hmm. Tough crowd. But you may be right.
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