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Did I miss another little fuffle on my flist, the last couple of days? Man. I'm telling you, this job. It has to go.

Yet another very strange few days at work. On Tuesday I floated to another unit, ob/gyn of all things. Luckily, it's the stepdown unit from our little surgical dealie, so I was familiar with the docs and the patients. I say "luckily" because I was handed a sheet of paper with the code to unlock the medication room, received a cursory report from the evening nurse, and that was that. Oy. Not really difficult patients, if we discount the poor embarrassed young lady who weighed in at 660 lbs, but it's always so hard for me to adjust on the fly like that, and as always the staff assumed their ways were the ways of the universe, so every time I asked a question, they looked at me goggle-eyed. But at the end of the day, the secretary hugged me and the charge nurse said I could come back, if I wanted to. Heh. The sense of humor, it's like currency. People put up with just about anything if you make them laugh, I swear. *eyes flist*

Then yesterday, poopies. I won't go on. Except to say, the surgeons who place the new ostomies RIGHT NEXT TO THE MIDLINE ABDOMINAL INCISIONS, they should be shot. Especially if the patient is a lumpy person to begin with, so that the colostomy appliance doesn't seal. Because then Mary has to care for an extremely modest lady who has an infected, dehisced wound and a colostomy draining RIGHT INTO IT, and the poor lady has to have her nether regions exposed, like, nine times for Mary to unpack and repack her wound, and every time she pushed at my hand and said, "I'll do it myself. Tonight. Would you like something to eat? My daughter made some soup."

Such is the nature of nursing and nurses that, staring into a five inch deep dehisced abdominal incision filled with liquid green poopies, I thought to myself, soup sounds good, actually.

And man, the critical care doc I like to flirt with came in right when I was elbow deep, and said, "Hi there! Oh," and disappeared, the wussy baby. Tch.

Would just like to point out that I still don't care for Lost, bpal, or AI, and the BSB make me shrug, except for Larger Than Life. I haven't seen House, and notprOn makes me want to spit (although that seems to be past). But I have started reading SGA fic, out of desperation, and I sense I may have to watch a few eps, to find out who these Shepherd and McKay people are. Damn. It's the slippery slope, isn't it? I thought I recognized that feeling.

Off to get ready for guests tomorrow! sperrywink and dick_grayson, my number is 505-363-4614, and I'll email you about stuff after the next cup of coffee takes effect.

Also, my LJ stalker.

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