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Who went immediately to upon realizing that she didn't belong to the right fanclub for Challenge tickets? Me, I did. What the fuck, man, I'm in this all the way. You know what they say: if there's nothing left to burn, set yourself on fire. Which has nothing to do with anything, I know. I just like the way it sounds.

Spent all day in Advanced Cardiac Lifesaving class. Tomorrow we get tested. The test will consist of us coming upon a "man down," then coordinating efforts to rescue and bring him back to life. We literally have to detail each step in the process of assessing and treating some poor mannequin, from initial CPR to identifying its heart rhythms and shocking it, to giving it meds, what meds to give and what dosage, intubating it, reassessing, more shocks, more drugs, etc., all in the correct order, nothing left out. Did I mention we do this in front of everyone, as the fiendish examiner changes the scenario randomly to see how we respond? Yes. Should be heinous. I can't wait.

Especially since today was pretty much a blur, from which emerge into my brain only two things:

1) some anticoagulation drugs are made out of bat spit, and

2) my future dirty ass punk band is totally going to be named "Stroke Chain."

Thank god I didn't decide to stay in the ER after I graduated from nursing school. *cries for the mannequin*

You know, I had a bunch of other things to say, maybe about work? Hmm. But whatever, I can only think of two other things:

1) JC watching Perry Farrell at Coachella, talking about Gang of Four, hanging with his bud Lonnie, playing with his new Mr T doll? My god. WHAT ABOUT SOME MERCY FOR ME, JC? FUCKER, and

2) when a certain someone agrees to be shocked on a certain new show I'm learning to love, to get a certain bug off his neck, and then get reshocked to start his heart again, OH MY GOD IT DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT, YOU ARE DEAD DEAD DEAD. But, yeah. I do realize that, considering the fact that every being in every galaxy on this show speaks American Standard English of the Early 21st Century, maybe I could just chill the fuck out. Ha.

That's it, I think. Did I leave anything out?
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