silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

So, I was toying around with writing a newbie guide to fandom and writing fanfic, which would of course be filled with no useful information at all, but would be snarky and evil and thus would make me happy, and maybe others, too. But so far all I have is There is no word "irregardless." I'm sorry. That's just how it is, and that's not very funny at all. Except, wait! I also have Watch out for the folks on your flist who try to tell you what to write. They will almost invariably turn out to be nutjobs, and thus amusing, but dangerous. Two things, then, but I reckon that's not enough.

Today I got my cardiac lifesaving certification, and the examiners tricked us. They made us practice our deathly frightening final demonstration, and it was relaxed and cool and hilarious, because half of us were newbies and the other half were cardiac nurses, who can run a code in their sleep. So we got to hear the "right" way and the "real" way to try to resuscitate someone, and we got to hear all the horror stories and the triumph of the human spirit stories, and it was great fun, and then when it came time to do our exams, the instructors said "Congrats! You all passed! Now get the hell out." Whee! We sat there for a minute, and then we cheered. I love those examiners, man. *sniff*

northernveil, I just couldn't get along with Azureus, so I got BitTorrent, and once I ditched ZoneAlarm and told the Windows firewall to suck it up and deal, it is downloading and uploading beautifully. However, the link you gave me for the SGA full season is 404. Ahahahaha! Dammit. But I found it elsewhere, and all is well.

Now if I could just remember the trickC plot I thought about the other night, which was so fabulous that I didn't write it down, because I'll remember it, of course I will! *sigh*
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