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Okay, I survived the root canal. Was there any doubt? NONE. But let me tell you, when the numbing medication started creeping up my face, and my tongue started to feel like it was suspended in space, and the drool, MY GOD, THE DROOL... well, it still wasn't that bad. I just went to my happy place and thought up some nasty things for JC and Chris to do in the story I'm working on, and now I'm fairly well doped up, and the memory of the grinding and tugging and pushing and cursing has faded a little, and I've forgotten what the dentist did, too. Heh. Also, I called in for tomorrow, which I never do, so it is deliciously naughty, and also guilt-free, because we are so overstaffed at work lately that they've been floating someone every shift. Y'all, I have no intention of going to work all crabby and hurting, with pain meds I can't take because I'm a "professional," only to be floated to ortho (*waves to pierson*) or, worse yet, to the TB shot clinic, HA, like someone yesterday. Thass just craaazee, mang.

But anyway, the little drill bit broke off in my tooth, which I thought was extra cool, because it's stuck down there now, a souvenir. Although I must admit my first thought was implant! You fuckers! No wonder the assistant's head is shaped so funny. No, no, I'm kidding. He was a fabulous assistant, let me play with the suction thingy, and when he clipped the blue paper bib around my neck and I said, "Guess I can't get out of this now, can I," he laughed and said, "No, you're stuck here, mwahaha." That was awesome. Also, I don't believe in aliens anymore.

Yeah, I could go on and on about the dentist. But instead, here's my celebrity glamor shot, the photo thing the hospital used for its nurses' week promo. Dude. Out of all the fabulous photos the guy showed me on his digital that day, they picked the one with all the shadows on my face. Good thing I'm not vain.

eta: wow, lousy scan *preens*
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