silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Okay, this is getting a little creepy. I don't mean to go on about it, but that picture of me pretending to be all professional nurse person, the one with the shadows of evilness on it? Is the headliner for my unit's nurse recruitment info sheet, to be distributed throughout the hospital, and to nursing schools, nurse recruiters, that kind of thing, around the country. Does that mean I have to stay here, now? Oy. I had people coming up and congratulating me yesterday, like I'd accomplished something rare and wonderful, and I was like, "Ha, um, thanks," because, wtf. Anyone with a good airbrushing and someone mugging at them from behind the photographer can grin at a digital camera. Also, the next person who tells me I look "professional" gets a big tongue kiss and a draft of my latest story. I don't want to be the Image of The Bone Marrow Nurse! I refute! I refute! *pant pant*

Okay, better.

Other than that, I have three days off and a story to write. Also, I have some stories to comment on, and I will do that, mickeym and i_naiad, I promise! I'm just slow. I'm going to watch that Nsync footage that's been floating around, and maybe go for a pedicure later today, because for some reason lately, I can't stop thinking about my toes.
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