silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Ride on it.

So, Snow Patrol's going to be doing a little acoustic thing at the record store in Winter Park, if anyone's interested in them, and wants to come on down and hang. May 27th, 3 pm. I don't know if they're any good, and I'm too lazy to check them out on itunes, but it should be fun, because the record store is, like, the size of my living room, and the store clerks are marvelously snarky.

Somebody sent me a fabulous Basement Jaxx song, Get Me Off, and someone else sent me some really catchy Si Se, Bizcocho Amargo, funky latin electronica, and copracat sent me Willie and Lobo, Havana Breeze, a guy vocalizing along with a violin and laid back Cuban rhythms and an interesting hint of flamenco-style guitar, and sperrywink hooked me up with the Blue Man Group, a fun rocked out version of I Feel Love, with those wonderful synth riffs of Donna Summer's original done on pvc pipes or something, ahahahahaha!

More, please, I need it.

Other than that, omg, I AM SO BORED. And before you ask, yes, I tried that, and that other thing, twice, so whatever. And I made lunch, and cleaned up some, and I'm fixin' to go out and drive around a bit, because usually that helps, but you know what, it's not going to. I'm just twitchy today. That translates to GRR in my world. I wish it would translate to I WILL WRITE 23970 WORDS RIGHT NOW, but ha. This story is still entitled "???" and JC and Chris are pretty much looking at each other and me and then giggling, so how can that bode well? It can't.

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