silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Britney Eats for Two

I love this guy. He also posts as fatfatfatty. Funny stuff.

My sister and bro-in-law bought a house! In Brookfield, WI, apparently, in one of those neighborhoods that's two minutes from everything but still manages to have no sidewalks and lots of acreage, and already they've seen a badger and, my sister said, an old man wandering down by the tree line. Live free, old dude!

And my niece got on the phone to tell me a quick story. That's what she said: "Hi, aunt Vicki, I just need to tell you a quick story." Here is her story:

So, I was sitting around one day, with an orange rubber glove on my foot, because it was a chicken foot. But I only had the one chicken foot. And I played with my one chicken foot for a while, and then I went to my mom, and said, 'Mom, I need another chicken foot,' and she gave me another rubber glove. So now I have two chicken feet. The end. No, aunt Vicki, rubber gloves on your hands do not give you chicken hands. Duh. I love you, bye.

My sister said, "She's flapping her feet around now."

I was sitting in my car in McDonald's parking lot after work, talking to Jane, and it was supposed to be a quick little "wassup" but I forgot we always talk more the more we talk, so I straddled some parking spaces for quite some time, not wanting to block the drivethrough lane or the lane through the parking lot. But someone pulled up right behind me in a minivan, pulled up and made a line, right there straddling the parking spots, and she proceeded to put on her "waiting patiently in line" face and just sit there behind me while I watched her in the rearview and talked to my sister. And then I finished up with Jane and headed over to the empty drivethrough lane, and I swear, the lady in the minivan had the saddest look on her face when she realized she had been left there, all alone, without a line.

Which reminds me. I had determined I would post more fannish stuff, to keep the dream alive or whatever, but then I realized my fannish content usually consists of whining about my writing or perving on JC. I believe we've covered that already. So I'll just say that it doesn't feel like anything's fading when I still think about the guys as much as I do, and I enjoy reading what other people think about them, and if I don't post as many stories as I did in, say, 2003, well. Really, it's because I'm trying harder not to suck, but also, a lot of the stories in this fandom have been written, and it takes time to write a JC and a Chris, for example, who haven't been written 304987094 times before. It's more difficult now, I think, takes more skill. Which is a tribute to everyone in this fandom still writing. It all feels so solidified, sometimes, the characters and storylines and treatments, but it doesn't have to be.

I have to go get a crown now. Latah.
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