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I'm going to be getting two Platinum passes today, unless, of course, there are only like twelve of them for sale and all y'all bitches beat me to it. So that means I'll have an extra one and somebody had better use it. *glares*

What I mean to say is, I don't care about the money so much, I just want to make sure somebody who really wants to has the opportunity to barf on JC. We can figure out dollars later, or not worry about it at all, whatever, just don't make me kick your ass. Also, in my family, scorn, eye rolling, and humor indicate sentimentality, so get over it. Email me if interested.

Spent a lot of time last night thinking about writing, fandom, JC and Chris, etc., aided by an immersion dose of The Floating World. This morning I dragged out of bed at six and went for a drive around Loch Haven park, and thought about many things: Resonant's scorching new SGA fic, JC's blue Vespa on the brick road by his house, the fact that parts of Orlando are really scary, my future as a nurse, my overwhelming need for a manicure and unlikelihood of same, the difference between a tight muscle and a relaxed one and how directing your inhalations can turn one into the other. You know, way deep stuff. And now I'm home again, writing. I know! I can't quite take it in, either. And refreshing Ticketmaster obsessively, because yes.

In other words, good morning.

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