silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Okay, it occurred to me yesterday that I TOTALLY deserve a wide assortment of consolation prizes for not getting the Platinum pass, plus I suddenly have an extra 100 bucks at my disposal. Ahahahahaha!! As long as there is shopping in the world, I will be zen. God bless consumerism. Also, is having a big sale.

Chris, omg CHRIS. Looking like a biker dude. I'm so happy right now. Does this mean he's stepping back onto the appearance go-round? I'm okay with that. Hollywood, hmm... he must have gone back with JC this time. *nods like a bobblehead*

Shut up. Let me have this.

JC is shy! I can't resist tossing this up here, in case one or two of you didn't see it. Couldn't bear to watch Brit's show last night, although (SIGH) I might Bittorrent it, for I am weak. But JC, eeee! only shy in front of a camera, about that sort of stuff. You know that, Britney.

Strange question for you. If you had a weird dream about someone, about their health, I mean, would you tell them? Or ask them how they're doing, all casual like? Because I dreamt about one of my coworkers last night. And it was a tad freaky. Luckily, though, I'm way too self involved in the normal course of things to be at all sensitive like that. Usually.

Morning! Shopping Writing now. Have a loooooovely day.

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