silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Today I woke up at 2:45 am, and I guess this time I must have been seething all night with absolute glee over my fandom. Fandom, I love you! Don't ever change!

And you know I have something to say. Bwah! Okay. Bev, Justin, blah blah blah. Whatever. I love Bev, she's, like, the only person among 'em I feel I can recognize as a real person and understand, and god bless her for being pissed and wanky and feeling powerless and loving her son too much. Also, I'm so glad Chris whoever it was put his foot down and decided not to Doggett Nsync. Although, yeah, Stync, that might have worked. But anyway, I have no problem with Bev whatsoever, although she'd be one of the people I'd friend just to keep an eye on, and I'll betcha Chris knows his mom very well, and wants to murder her sometimes but ends up rolling his eyes, because family, what're you gonna do. And in the larger, grander sense, I'm just so pleased that Nsync's perfect egg is finally cracking, and maybe we can have a decent Behind the Music out of them someday. Also, Bev loves JC. That was the cake part, for me.

ALSO also, and this is the most important part OF ALL, and I can't believe no one has commented on it yet, Bev doesn't want to tell Chris about the fanfiction, because it might freak him out. Oh, my god, my heart! It's just too good. Leaving aside the fact that Chris probably has bound copies of The Book of Secrets and The Floating World stashed under his bed, really, he'd need 27 Valiums if he ever REALLY knew about the fanfiction, and there would NEVER BE ANOTHER CHALLENGE AGAIN. You know, I've enjoyed the RPS Debates as much as anyone, and I'm pretty sure it's not rape at all, but it is a little freaky when you imagine the actual person stumbling across, say, your mpreg. Ahahahahaha!! Oh god.

I still wish we'd gotten JC to sign that copy of [censored for survival], though. That would have given me a sick thrill that I'd still be feeling today.

Okay, it's 4:35 and I have to get up for the day. Tell me, has the mainstream non-fandom media ever come up with an mpreg of any sort? I can only think of Enemy Mine, but that was actually fanfiction, I think.
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