silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Well, sure, I meant to get up early and drop the laundry off and shop for some food and whatever else, maybe some hair dye? Hmm. But instead I'm reading delicious wank and keeping an eye on that spot next to the fridge where I saw a cockroach scurry by this morning. Little fucker. Come out here and get squished! And I'm writing this story, which I still love so much, but which is coming along so slowly, maybe a hundred words a day. 'Scool. I'd rather be writing this than not, that's how in love I am, and when I finish, I know I'll miss it. Also, there's no hurry.

Proposition for debate (this is only partly in response to chopchica's remarks): Quantity of fannish output doesn't constitute a living fandom. Quality does. What say you, ladies and gentlemen (HAHAHAHAHA, so many levels) of the jury? I'm unconvinced, myself, but it's, hmm. An interesting thought. What is a living fandom?
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