silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

I wasn't going to do this, but callsigns asks good questions. *sigh*

1. What about the way your parents raised you do you wish was incorporated in everyone's raising?

They let me do my own thing. I could disappear for hours, which I suppose sounds bad, but they were not unconcerned, not like that. I think it's because they both came from huge families, and from an era where the secret to a right upbringing was to "go out and play." So I'd get to go exploring all over the place wherever we lived, climbing trees at the beach or wading in the river, wandering around neighborhoods, meeting people, meeting myself... okay, that wouldn't work nowadays at all, would it? It's a shame. Never mind.

I'll have to go with "they raised me to care about other people," then.

2. If you knew about someone's totally top-secret and feasible plot to assassinate Dubya, would you tell the feds about it? (And say ONLY if you did would the plot be uncovered.)

Depends, of course. :)

I imagine the question you're really asking is "would I allow Dub to be murdered if I could get away with it," and no. It would be nice if he were magically erased from public office, but I couldn't live with myself after that particular method, and it is all about me after all.

Or are you asking me if I'm afraid of the feds? Not anymore. *flutters eyelashes*

3. Pick one: eating plain spaghetti for dinner every single night for the rest of your life, or getting a highly visible tattoo on your forearm that says "Spaghetti is for winners!"

Dude! Easy call. That would be a hilarious tattoo, and I'd get to tell the story of how I got it every time someone asked me what the fuck was on my arm.

4. Use one word to describe each of the 10 intra-sync pairings.

Tough one. Hmm. Also, it made me sniffly to do this. And I can't do words, for some it'll have to be phrases. Little short ones.

JC/Justin: incandescent

JC/Joey: the language of flowers

JC/Lance: slink

JC/Chris: turquoise and moldavite (please don't ask me, because I don't know)

Justin/Joey: co-defendants, hee!

Justin/Lance: Modern Times

Justin/Chris: poprocks

Joey/Lance: peanutbutter toast

Joey/Chris: clinch

Lance/Chris: synergy

5. If, in his next interview, JC said something that was a direct quote from your LiveJournal, what would be your reaction?

A zing of horror would run right through me, and I'd feel like throwing up. I'd consider deleting my journal. But I wouldn't, because the zing would also be sneaky, embarrassing exhiliaration.

But it would probably be REALLY, REALLY HARD to post after that.

What would you do?

If anyone would like me to ask them questions, I will.

I can't seem to get enough coffee, and last night I fell asleep with the light on, woke up this morning still clutching pg 42 of a Harry/Snape story, ahahahaha! An indifferent H/S, actually, but I'd printed it out on the other side of A Beautiful Lifetime Event, so after the waking up paralysis had faded a bit, I flipped the page over and read some of that again. Now I'm fucking around, doing nothing, contemplating these story notes I wrote in a crazed, muse ridden state the other night. I can remember the feeling of flying, but I have no conscious memory of writing the words and thinking the thoughts. It's weird. But the plot points might work, so whatever. Whee!

Also, I have For the Girl in my head, and I'm happy about that. I love that song.
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