silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

1. I just got out my Allen wrenches and a screw driver to use as a wedge, and I took the back off my desk chair so that I can sit crosslegged comfortably. It must be the PMS.

2. I've never read Transfigurations, so I'm loving that right now. My printer is out of black ink, so I've had to tell it to shut up and print anyway, and out of spite, it is printing in light purple. Fucker. But Harry/ Draco, mmm.

3. Also, a favor. Porn writers, if you would: PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NEVER USE THE WORD PHALLUS. Thank you. Also also, dear writers, characters' names in direct address really should be offset by commas. Remember the HP poster, and let that be your guide! "Harry, I wub you." "Aww, Draco, boo boo boo." See? ew

4. I'm so in love with this meme, I'm unleashing it on the world. It's callsigns's fault.

Use one word to describe each of the 10 intra-sync pairings.

5. How y'all are today? I'm good, better. Yesterday was iffy. But I think that was because I didn't eat until 4 pm, when the thought of the dying frond on my papyrus plant brought me to tears, and I wondered why. Okay, that and the PMS, I suppose.
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