silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

I had to cut this out of the story, because it just doesn't fit. Too flippant for right then and there, but I like it, so I'll keep it here instead.

JC swallowed him down right away, let him go deep with no trouble at all, and god as his witness, Chris wanted to fuck JC's throat for the rest of time, it was that sweet. But the way JC was making hungry noises all around him, squeezing his balls through his boxers and stroking his thighs and ass through his jeans as Chris rocked up into his mouth, the end of time was going to be three minutes, tops. He gave in to the liquid push in his hips for a few incandescent seconds, and then he slid a hand up over JC's forehead and pulled out.

"Hey," JC said, rubbing his mouth.

"No, I'm. I," Chris managed.

JC smiled at him, a dark little quirk of his swollen lips. "Oh, " he said. "Well. Fuck that." He cuffed Chris's wrist with one hand and his cock with the other, and that was that.
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