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Happy JC Month OMG!!

Also, I'm told it's TrickC month, too, which took me by surprise, because isn't it always TrickC month, one way or another? Right. Moving right along, so as not to present an easy target, I have much randomness for you this morning.

1. Bowling with Nsync? Ahahahahaha!! Okay, put me down for one of the above. Donna, you up?

I haven't been bowling in years. Mainly because I no longer do beer frames and got tired of smacking the side of my knee with a 40 lb weight. I'm such a puss.

But to bowl with Nsync! Or "members of," whatever. What a hoot! I figure, if I win this contest, I'm gonna get all cranked down on cough syrup or something, and go out there and laugh my ass off. Shoot the breeze with Danny Masterson ("So, Scientology. Are you all batshit crazy, or what?"), tell Usher I think he's a wanker, stroke Lance's nose lovingly until he swats my hand away, and flutter my eyelashes at Chris and JC until they both try to hide behind each other. And then I'll fall down. Oh, GOD. I can't wait.

2. Bought a new black ink cartridge. Bring it, The Way You Know Him. I am ready.

3. Heard this on the radio last night, loved it: Side 2, by Dressy Bessy. They've been around for years, doing the college radio thing. They've got this fun poppy punk sound and a neo-Dee-lite World Clique kind of fashion sense that I like. Also, one of the next shows they're playing is at the Launch Pad in Albuquerque. The Launch Pad! Ahahahaha. Not that there's, like, anywhere else to play in Albuquerque, but jeez, how dispiriting. All that cracked black sticky concrete, you'd really know you'd made it after a gig there.

4. Annnyway, I've gotten the preliminary okie-doke on my trickC story ("And as always you wait and write the most interesting scene last! You’re killing me!"), so maybe I'll have it done during this auspicious month. We shall see.

5. Dear JC and Santana,

That's a lovely TV show theme song you have going there. Peace out. *gives the sign*

Much Respect,

I'm sorry. That's mean. But JC has such a gorgeous voice, why hide it in 47 layers of production? And I LOVE Santana's guitar work, god, but here it just feels like the voice and the guitar are not together, but alongside, if you know what I'm babbling on about. This song just strikes me as... charlidos said generic, and I have to agree. It's no Smooth, anyway. But perhaps it will grow on me. Getting the full song will help.

6. bye, Jorge

I spent a lot of Saturday crying. Couldn't figure it out. PMS, yeah, maybe, and a general feeling that I'm somewhat stuck in my life with no direction out, but these are not new to me. Also, the papyrus didn't die after all, so there really was no need to mourn it all day long.

Got back to work yesterday after four days off, to discover that one of our long time people, a 25 yr old who we thought was pretty stable, had been admitted Thursday with respiratory problems and had died Saturday, suddenly.

Bye, kiddo. I'm sorry you never got your bulldog, and I was never able to find the Radiation Danger sticker you wanted. Hopefully you can find someone to do that tattoo for you wherever you are now, and I'll wear the bracelets your mom beaded for me often, and think about you.

TDU: Tattoo Doctors United! But I guess we'll have to wait for another time and place for that.
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