silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

What's today, Saturday? Okay. Thursday I woke up for work and had a split second of why is it so bright in here? SHIT before leaping out of bed in a panic. I woke up EXACTLY when I was supposed to be leaving out of the house, and let me tell you, nothing replaces caffeine better than adrenaline. Shower, hair, makeup, 15 minutes, a personal record. A huge, I mean HUGE (like, rideable) waterbug was climbing up my shower curtain, and I yelped and flailed but then realized I just didn't have time, so I hissed at it, "Today you live. TOMORROW BE GONE," and it clung to the curtain while I showered, watching me. And let me tell you this also, that's the most action I've gotten in a while. BWAHhaHAA. ha. never mind

Oh, not even touching the "rideable" in juxtaposition with that last sentence there, NOT EVEN, although you can judge me if you want to. You really can. *gurgle*

Other than that, whatever it was, I signed up for the JuC story swap, because fun. I haven't written them in a while, the horny little bastards. Although I suspect they're arguing in the back of my head right now. Don't know why. Unless... oh, yeah! Because it's hot.

TrickC picture #, what, 1? Oh, dear. I'm a little behind. Shut up. That's gonna be me in the background, holding balls, too!! Oh, I said shut up. It don't come naturally, you know.
Tags: nursing, trickc, writing
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