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Oh, JC.

How much do I love the rockabilly look he's working lately? Plenty. His little duck's ass hairdo. The mind-melting check of his coat. Those absolutely amazing cracked out shoes! Thank you, God. As long as JC is interested in fashion, I will never have to stop with the glee.

Writing, writing, writing. Yesterday I added about 15 words. But they were 15 gold-plated words. They were shiny words with hibiscuseses, hibisci? on them. They were the best words ever. No problem, all is well. Remain calm. I've done this before, you know. EVERYTHING'S GOING TO TURN OUT JUST FINE.

All right. Before I load the Word file and immediately have to get up and do something else, let me just add this. There is no more humbling experience in the world than getting your free credit report from all three agencies. Inshallah, I have spoken. Also, oy.

Questions from pierson:

1. Do you have an author, either fannish or non-fannish, that you'd give your eye teeth to be able to write like? Yeah, poor construction, but you know what I mean.

Yes, you are perfectly clear, and my eye teeth would really like to write just like Connie Willis. The humor, the simplicity, the utter heart wrenching knowledge of what people really think about and care about and feel. If I ever wrote a book like the Doomsday Book, I would be well-satisfied at last.

2. Do you have a favorite fan story, in any fandom?

Man, so many of them. It's hard to say for sure, and it's changing all the time, but for sheer deep satisfying capture of the characters and the possibilities, I would have to say The Gift of an Enemy, by Sylvia. I frickin' love that story.

3. Has there ever been a moment, no matter how small, when you did wish you were an Angel of Death?

Hee! No, I'm one of those sad, annoying people who think anger and frustration are failures on my part. I have wanted to be the Angel of Life, though.

4. Do you feel as if you're in the right body---i.e., do you feel you're right as a girl, or would you feel "more" right as a boy?

Your questions are all about choices and possibilities and what-might-have-beens. I like that. As for this one, though, I would have to say no. I'm cool with being a female, and with being a girl, which are two different things, I guess. I have wondered what it would be like to have a dick, though. The wanking seems like such fun. :)

5. If you could pick anyone, real or fictional, at any point in history, to be for one week, who would it be?

Ah, I'm no fun. I can't imagine being someone and not still being me, so the story would not be about being them, but about impersonating them, a story of wacky hijinks and screwups and paranoia and stress. That being said, however, I'd LOVE to be JC for a week. Hee!

And as for you, my pretty:

1. What's going to be the hardest thing about moving to Sweden?

2. What does the Great Unwritten Popslash Story in your head look like?

3. What story/novel/etc. is your comfort fic?

4. If you could do any job in the world, what would it be?

5. Am I ever going to meet you omg??
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