silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

I wrote the ending, and it's the right ending, I know that, but I just don't know why. I sure hope my subconscious knows what it's doing. I suppose there's a first for everything.

Oh! Yes, I am awake. The vampire was really nice when I banged on his door, lurched drunkenly toward me and said he really respected that I worked at a hospital and apologized about fifty times. But now I'm up, and the peanut butter toast was perfect but the story has no middle. Is most peculiar and frustrating. How hard can it be? It's obvious what's going to happen from the minute the story starts. Which, ah. Should bother me more, I guess, but I like this one and don't care to scupper it.

Scupper. Is that a word?

Tags: vampire, writing
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