silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

In a burst of, um. What would you call it, maturity? (I am unfamiliar with such things.) I have decided to defer major upheaval this year and move to Taos next year. The conversation with myself went like this:

self: financially, not the best decision

other self: but I want to

s: plus, pain in the ass to drag all our shit over there

os: but I want to

s: NOT selling everything and starting over again. fucking HASSLE

os: but I want to

s: you'd be working twelves in a shot-gun shack of a hospital. they probably bite the heads off chickens there

os: but I want to

s: back to the $$: you fell in love with Taos because YOU WERE STUCK THERE BUTT POOR FOR FIVE YEARS. remember stealing tp from Wendy's?

os: but I want to

s: back to logistics: you'd have to take a U Haul around the horseshoe curve up past Dixon there *shudders*

os: but I want to

s: back to starting ov... oh, screw it. you wouldn't be able to tour around with jc for the new record

os: done deal

So, yeah. I gotta work now, so I'm out, but I expect to have a minor upheaval this year instead, a new apartment and perhaps a new job. Taos is worth planning for, if I'm going to do it right. Plus, I fucking love Florida.
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