silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

As I was walking down the corridor to the cafeteria yesterday, thinking how weird it was to be caught up on my charting and checking out the ass on the guy from the helicopter flight team, my eyes fell upon one of the many religiously themed paintings festooning the walls of Florida Hospital, and I had an epiphany. No, not that kind of epiphany, because flight team ass, and in my case it would probably be more like getting struck by lightning, anyway. Especially in this case, actually, because as I looked upon the picture of Jesus kneeling before a sheep, gazing tenderly upon its fuzzy form and with one hand upon its sturdy back, I realized as if for the first time that the caption of the picture reads I shall not want.

W. T. F.

Surely livejournal has warped me beyond the reckoning. I can't see any way to understand that combination of picture and text that isn't wrong wrong ohGODwrong.

Thank you, livejournal!

In other news, today I have an appointment to get yelled at by the hygienist for never flossing, and when that's done I go for an oral surgery consult for the wisdom teeth. Which apparently had plenty of room to grow in okay, but are now rotting away and must be yanked. Which is fine with me, because I really like narcotics, but I'm telling you, it won't happen before Challenge. No way am I going to throw a bowling ball at JC Chasez with my face all puffed out like a chipmunk. It's bad enough that I barely managed to start my pre-Challenge situps last week. I don't want to scare the man.

Ha. The earthship people are really interested in me as a tenant. I suck. Now I have to write back to them and tell them Sorry, earthship people. I was having a midlife crisis or something, and I won't be in Taos for approx. another year. Will you hold the place for me? Hey! Maybe they will.

And in fandom related news, um... did you know Chris has a MySpace thingie? I probably stole that bit of info from charlidos or someone. Anyway, let's all behave now. Unless we're good-looking, in which case I think we're welcome there. Hmm. Excuse me while I go do another situp.
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