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where is the ritual, where is the taste

Man, pierson is not kidding about the not eating and the running around and the stress. Nursing kinda... sucks.

1. started the day off transfusing blood into a woman with a massive GI bleed, which many of you may not know (and prolly didn't wanna know) can mean they literally shit blood. All over. Told the doc about it yesterday but he did nothing. Night shift told the doc but he did nothing. Today, it's a medical emergency and I'm racing around the hospital getting units of blood and transferring her to ICU. Before my second cup of coffee.

2. transferred a patient to hospice who came in 11 days ago with nothing more than abdominal pain. This morning she asked me, Mary, what's gonna happen to me? I asked her what she thought would happen. "I'm dying, aren't I?" "Yes, Eileen. You are." We both cried. I grew so attached to her over the past week or so, and to her husband. British, very reserved, and as the ambulance techs stood waiting we all hugged and kissed and cried some more, and I'm really gonna miss her. Death sucks.

3. transfused blood to another patient, but had to start an IV first because some nurses NEVER put the right size in, dammit, even though most of our patients do get blood products.

4. and 3 more IVs, including one in this poor dehydrated man's foot, and accessed a port-a-cath, which is an implanted central catheter. Also, pain meds for the cool chick with breast cancer who kept calling me "babe" and has ferocious bone pain from mets. Also, got a snarky crack-back from a doc for asking a dumb question, sigh.

5. my really cool hippy artist woman that I wrote about a week or so ago? Is back in the hospital again. But I didn't go visit. Too much crying today already.

6. I'll go see her next time I work, though.

7. wow, what a depressing entry. Share the joy, I guess, huh? Sorry.

8. I have tomorrow off. Ahhh! Suddenly, things are looking brighter! to take 92 billion aspirin. I'll be sparklier tomorrow, I promise.

And in other news, JC.

....pared down to the essentials, again. :)
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