silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Who will write me Sheppard/Krycek, WHO?? Meh.

(That's okay; I'll wait.)

You know those stages you go through when you're writing a story? You know. Anger, denial, bargaining, despair... I think I've finally come to acceptance on this one. I've got maybe six or seven paragraphs to go, and then the beta thing, and then... maybe. Yeah, maybe. 'Snice.

Anyway, no way in HELL am I singing Karaoke in Chicago. In HELL. But I would like to watch alla y'all. Hee! Who will sing me Icky Vicky? It's my middle name, you know.

Chris could sing it! You're so right!! Awesome. I would love to hear "members" of Nsync karaokeing (?) to their own music. That would make my LIFE. Couldn't you just see Lance and Joey up on the crappy little stage, drunk (unlikely, I know, but go with me here), singing "Yo te voy a amar" to one another? Ahahahaha!! I would be so happy. I'd say Chris and JC, but you know, I don't want to have a spontaneous orgasm in public heart attack and die. Not before the game, anyway. And of course, I need to be alive to compliment JC on his ugly bowling attire.

Welp, see you all in a few days. I have to work the next four out of five. *grimaces*
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