silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

I hate to admit I'm such a puss, but my air conditioner is broken and I can't seem to get past it. No doubt they will come fix it eventually, although I'm sorely afraid the same monkeys who run CFTC are in charge of my apartment complex. In the meantime it is 78 degrees in here and 110% humidity. All you science nerds can just pipe down. It's subjective, yo.

My manager at work has called a mandatory meeting for both units. Aparently, we are all whiny little whippersnappers who don't know what real nursing's all about. Back when she was a floor nurse in 1947, they worked 96 hour shifts and took 15 patients apiece, uphill in the snow both ways. The new thing is that she doesn't want us to waste time at the start of each shift looking at charts, labs, etc. As she puts it, "experienced nurses know what to do for their patients without spending a half hour getting ready." Clearly, she's looking for ways to save fifteen minutes per employee per shift, which I imagine is going to solve all her budgetary problems. Except for the fact that it won't fly: all us redheaded step children from the lost unit upstairs have banded together and are planning a united stand against her. Hi, we're adult critical care nurses who also have to do all the secretarial and case management duties for our patients. We do kind of need to know more than their names and what kind of juice they like to drink. Attica!

As for Le Passage and tickets at the door, I'm surprised all the clubs in Miami Beach didn't do that, too, frankly. I swear, I had more fun watching the snooty door people at the Mansion and Nikki Beach and wherever getting progressively more bitter every time someone bounced up to the rope clutching a computer printout. I myself am happy to be hanging out in line with all the cool kids. Machts nix as they say, except they would probably spell it correctly. Whatever. Besides, my joy at a open call bar for karaoke on Thurs. night makes everything else okay. Hey, has anyone emailed the monkeys to let them know? Members of Nsync should have the option to attend, too. I'm just saying.

In re, SGA: Sheppard/Weir=no chemistry at all. Sheppard/McKay=cannot resist the snarky bitch fest no matter how tense the situation. That's love, people.

mckay: at least I gave my life trying to save others
sheppard: and failing

Okay, yeah, I don't remember the actual dialogue. But that was exactly the right thing to say to calm Rodney down and distract him from his freakout. Also, I would give anything to know what Rodney really thinks of Back to the Future.

Okay, I gotta go get an Alan Watts book for one of my patients who's into Buddhism. I thought I had it, but I forgot about the great book purge of '04. All I have now is... Bridge of Birds and Christgau's Record Guide for the 70's. Man, that ain't right.
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