silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

1. Just got done with two good days at work. I know! I can't get over it.

2. Staff meeting today. I'm going in ratty jeans and my sparkly pink JC tank top. Ahahahahaha!! Apparently, the uprising will consist of resentful teenagers this time out. But since that's how they treat us, I'm okay with it. (Empowered professionals what?)

3. My sister and niece are in town! Yay! On a Disney excursion with a friend and her kids. Guess what I'll be doing the next few days? Felt so sorry for them, though: got in town yesterday, big plans for the Magic Kingdom fireworks extravaganza, and it rained like a motherfuck all night long. Bwah! But Disney's fun in the rain, too, as I recall.

4. Yeah, everybody's seen this. So what? I want it to live in my journal forever, for I am a big giant dork.

Doesn't it look like JC's saying "fuck"? Hee! Or, as I prefer to think (cf. giant dork), "fucker." Aww.

gakked from halowrites, source of all good things

5. I have thirteen days off in a row in July. Ahhhhh. How sweet it is.
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