silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

First of all, OMG THIS IS SICK. Happy Tree Friends. So yeah, check it out. I only made it through one of the clips. I laughed, I cried. I said EWW and pushed aside my lunch. Good stuff.

Next, I didn't make it to Animal Kingdom. Yesterday at the Magic Kingdom wore me right out. I swear to god, every single parental unit in the known universe tried to push a stroller into my knees. And the It's a Small World ride... *shudders* I need some time, man.

Plus, I'll get to see my niece and sister in two weeks when I head to the midwest for Challenge. TWO WEEKS. Oh god, oh god. I need to go shopping NOW. Sure, I'll end up wearing jeans every minute of every day. But I have to shop in paranoia first, and then resign myself tearfully later. It's part of the fun!

And last... the story's with the betas. Ahhhhh.

P.s. I'm a bad aunt. At the start of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, Maya asked me if it was scary. I told her it was "yo ho ho." She looked at me seriously and asked, "But are you thinking of it from a seven-yr-old's eyes?" I told her she'd be fine. So of course I'd forgotten about the dark and the blue-lit skeletons and the "Deeaaaad. Meeennnn. Tell. No. Taaaaaalesss." She meeped and hid her head in Jane's armpit, and when the ride was over she looked at me accusingly. But I give her credit, she popped her head up in the middle of the ride and endured the rapine and pillage and fire and blasting noise pretty well. I'd also forgotten how Disney is really, really twisted.

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