silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Eww, Lou Pearlman. He's gross.

Put a C Note on Pearlman's bill
Published July 1, 2005

When Lou Pearlman's latest front-burner project, C Note, was performing at this summer's Puerto Rican Day parade in New York, the group was tossing out fake $100 bills, inscribed "In Lou We Trust."

There's a joke in there somewhere, considering the rancorous sideshow that seems to accompany the happy pop sounds of Pearlman's boy bands.

But C Note has morphed from its boy-band beginnings as a doo-wop flavored quartet. There are five members now, including just two of the original singers, and the focus is distinctly reggaeton.

And Pearlman is still "Papa Lou," joining the fun with a cameo as an old domino player in a scene from a music video the group was filming this week in Orlando.

The video, filmed on Church Street and on the basketball courts at the Callahan Neighborhood Center, is for C Note's debut single "Wepa." It's the first release on Pearlman's new Trans Continental Latino label.

Not sure exactly what it's about, but you can dance to it.

It would help to know Spanglish to sing along because the song is aimed at C Note's target audiences in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Pearlman, who usually sows the seeds for teen pop in Germany, is just changing the geography.

The dance moves don't look much different. On Monday, the C Note guys -- Orlando "O.T." Torres, Vincent "V" Pesante, Joshua "J-Kid" Correa, Raul "RaRa" Molina and David "D Lo" Perez -- did choreographed aerobics for several hours on the sweltering courts.

They took jump shots, mugged for the cameras and stepped aside to allow a few ladies in bikini tops and jean shorts to shake their moneymakers. Then the guys hopped on miniature scooters and rode into the sunset -- or, more accurately, into the teeth of an oncoming thunderstorm.

The extras included rapper Southstar, without partner Smilez, and the new lead singer of Natural, in a wifebeater shirt and tattoos that reflect the group's turn from pop to rock. Pearlman is sticking with the Natural name (never forsake a brand) even though there's only one original member left.

Will C Note be a rock band by this time next year? If there's an audience, you can trust that Pearlman might consider it.

Ha! That poor guy Joshua Correa has to go by "J-kid." Well, he can't be "JC," I guess.

Hey! I forgot July has three pay periods at Florida Hospital. Excellent. Also, my raise appears to be adding $200 a month to my income. SCHWEET. That's, like, significant. I may have to stay after all.

Welp, I'm off to scope a duplex on the outskirts of Thornton Park. It's a problematic area: trendy, up and coming as they say (rawr), but also really scary as those areas can often be. If it's a cool enough place I'll go for it anyway. What the hell. I forget to lock my door half the time anyway.

Just kidding. Don't worry, you won't see me on Forensic Files or anything like that. *brandishes paring knife*
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