silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

gakked from cesperanza:

God's Little Toys: Confessions of a Cut and Paste Artist

I love William Gibson THIS MUCH.

Did the pediatric oncology training today, a series of badly recorded tapes of a droning lecturer talking about potentially interesting things but I don't know, because droning. And then I gave blood, YAY, and signed up to be a bone marrow donor too, and now I feel so virtuous (and light headed) that I'm going to go eat lots of red meat and then work on my story again. I must grudgingly admit it needs more attention. Mrr.

And also in the spirit of Challenge I shall dye some stuff and tweak some stuff, but not the same stuff, and wait for a response from this one property management guy who has these AWESOME places in Thornton Park, that trendy/scary place I've mentioned before. AWESOME places. Like, lots of light and space and not really that expensive (gulp) and close to downtown, which oddly enough for a big city is really nice here in Orlando.

Oh, yeah. Did you hear charlidos's rumor that Chris and JC may have spent the Fourth together? aafkl;!!aajjsk! !!! ! (I made a noise.)
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