silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

So, Sheppard. I must confess to some confusion. Maybe my vision of him is based on fanfic, but it seems like he's the writers' little whore, and his character changes according to the needs of the plot. Hot ascended chick with shiny hair comes to town? He'll repudiate everyone he knows and go against every principle of security and military savvy. The wraith are culling Teyla's buds? Too bad, acceptable losses, gotta go. THAT IS NOT JOHN SHEPPARD. Or maybe it is, and I'm thinking of that other guy, the one from Intersections who would never leave anyone behind, the one who's a genius. Is most difficult and dismaying.

Also, Joe Flaneyegan makes some of the most hilarious acting choices. I love him. *squishes*

I have a list of stuff THIS LONG I need to do to get ready for the airplane on Monday, including OMG!! Buy a bigger suitcase, because clearly I need to bring everything I own to Challenge just in case. So of course I'm sitting here in a lump, listening to Dennis in the way off distance, contemplating my poor benighted story. I'm angsting more than is appropriate over the fate of my papyrus during the next week or so, which means I need to spend some time today mourning Mr. S, who went home with hospice yesterday after telling me he'd be back. I hope he's right. And I suppose I should tidy up a bit before I leave town, so I don't come home to primordial ooze. Also, I must practice walking on the cool shoes, or else reconcile myself to being the physical comedy at Le Passage (I'd say "standup comedy," but HA). So many things! I'm sure it'll all come together. But for now...
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