silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Had a really nice time with my family, hung out and ate and enjoyed the view down their backyard, fireflies and chipmunks and a bat (according to my bro-in-law), but I didn't see him. The deer never came out, but they're there, oh yes, and probably some foxes and things, although no rabbits, weird. We went to see Madagascar one night, the new Dreamworks flick, and I full on recommend it. I haven't laughed that much in forever. Mom is doing well and my brother, very well, and I'll miss them as always, but Milwaukee, ptooie.

And now I'm noodling about on dial-up (*smites*) when I should be repacking for the train to Chicago. Chicago! Of course I'll be getting my period long about Friday night at the bowling alley, and I'm bloated and pimply and my hair never did relax after I dyed it, so it is the most shocking shade of candy apple red. And I'm pretty sure I didn't pack any of the right clothes, and the three or four bouts of sit-ups appear to have done no good at all. But I'm excited like a wee little tiny baby anyway, because Challenge. Aiieee, Challenge! Watch out, Lonnie. Here I come.
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