silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Skip=260 and still July the 19th. JESUS CHRIST ON A BIKE, PEOPLE. Or, um. I'm sorry. My great aunt the nun used to say that, so everybody in my family pretty much always... but I digress.

I am so tired. Also, the nice lady who sneezed on me in the Toulouse Latrec exhibit at the Chicago Art Institute has given me her cold. Also also, I'm feeling really post event right now (see, Donna? I didn't recycle the post-partum joke), kind of sad and unwilling to go back to a year of non-Nsync before we get to do this again. Because I had the best damn weekend of my life. And I'm POSITIVE there will be another Challenge.

So yeah, let me get some caffeine in and do some of the things I need to do, because the suitcase is still right where it landed when I fell in the door last night, and the plants, I hear them crying for water. I have to call the rental agent for the purple-winged house, and haul my clothing to the nice thug of a laundry man, and I'm pleased with myself that I cleaned up some before I left last week, but now I have to tear it all apart and box it up. And the JuC Swap, and some beta work for a couple people, and friending and refriending (ahem) a bunch of cool kids, and looking at all the pictures and footage, and thinking about how to word my epic 300K trip report...

Right! Back to bed it is, then.
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