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Okay. It ain't going to suck itself, as my great aunt the nun used to say, so let's get to it.

Challenge, ah, Challenge. I laughed, I cried. I freaked out and screamed and drooled all over myself. That was the walk from Union Station to the hotel; the rest of the weekend was much worse.

[First of all, apologies to those who've heard every one of my lines before. I'm a recycler. If it's funny once, it's funny forever, as my great aunt the nu... but I digress. The point is, if you fall into a stupor during the middle of this, it's not my fault. I told you so.]

So yeah, I walked most of the way to the hotel and then back again, I'm not sure why, and then some nice parking attendants laughed at me and told me there is indeed an EAST Wacker drive, and thank god. It wouldn't have been so traumatic, but my suitcase is roughly the size of an RV. Several of the many, many Chicago streetpeople could live in my suitcase, y'all. And I brought everything. I won't have to pack to move, it's all right there.

But I digress! Ha.

Actually the walk was fab, as the river and the architecture and the people of Chicago are very interesting indeed. And when I got to the hotel and had to wait for an elevator for 17 hours, I finally really knew: Challenge! Whee! And that meant withdiamonds and bellaphena, my scattered family, and ljers galore! But you know, for the sake of my sanity, I'm leaving out user tags from now on, because there were 98672987698 lj people that I met last weekend, and I am weary already.

Karaoke was fucking hilarious, y'all. Trader Tom's or Vic's or Tony's, whoever that trader guy was, is a bar approx. six thousand feet long and four feet wide, and apparently everyone in the city of Chicago karaokes on a Thursday night. Our big ass group was at one end of the Rectangle of Doom, and the stage was waaay down at the other end, so that basically we surrounded the normals, and oh! That's the way it should be. lilysaid was there, and spasticat, and canadiankracka and ninjetti (there they go, the tags) and Lincoln and marrymehowie and nothinggold and sheherazade_ii and escapist_xbq and hammerhead_22 and erilyn and deliberatehips and alittleblue and xica_s and kinkykittens and coolwhipdiva and shit, I'm forgetting everybody, but anyway most of lj was there, almost. Chris Kirkpatrick was NOT there, although he considered it, he said. Too bad. I wanted to hear him sing "Ring of Fire."

The dj was much appalled by the Nsync Karaoke disc we brought, and the crowd was mystified, and I kept hearing people whisper "What the FUCK" around me as we all joined in for every song, including instrumentation and background harmonies. Space Cowboy was especially brilliant, as apparently some of you wackadoos actually have Left Eye's solo rap memorized. Also, props to Jessa for singing TIPY in spanish while Steph and Donna signed (not in spanish) (I don't think). That really freaked the nice bargoers out. And then came Bye Bye Bye.

BWAH. I don't know about any of you, but shit was flyin' through the air by our table. I got this huge wave of happiness as I looked around at all of you freaks singing and stomping and making little clam chops with your hands, because yeah, that's what we're all about, loving this stuff together even though we couldn't be more different from one another if we tried. And what made it even better was watching two of the normals, two guys, get up on stage to sing along and dance because they knew the choreography. Oh my god, my heart. What hiatus? Y'all, when Nsync comes back, they are going to be huge all over again. People remember, they really do.

And the el and talking about slash on the el and the bar, I think, although I don't remember. Really, forgetting and being in the bar co-varied kind of significantly for me, last weekend. Ask Donna about that, too. But I remember the good stuff, I swear, because there was so much of it.

But you know, I think I've got to do this in installments. Is too much.
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