silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

1. Two condo showings later on today. One's in Altamonte Springs, and I can jump into the lake from my balcony. The other's in Winter Park, more expensive, but two bedrooms, and within spitting distance of my beloved Lake Mizell, whose name I may soon learn to pronounce. Verily, it is a good day.

2. I put in for a transfer at work. *blanches*

Yeah, so withdiamonds pointed out the elusive and terrifying truth that I really need to get out of oncology, for the sake of all the brain stuff I have going on in my head. Yesterday it occurred to me that I'm going back to work tomorrow, and I immediately broke out in this hideous plague of boils. Like, I'm serious, I look like my voice is just about to break and my dick, were I to have one, would be pointing into the breeze. Also, and I didn't mention this at Challenge, but every night I was there I dreamt of dead people. That is a little disconcerting, when it happens.

[Okay, not bad dreams, per se. In one, I was teaching this dude how to be dead, and he was just so bad at it, GOD. But as we worked together he got much better at it, and eventually he was good enough he didn't need my help anymore, and he went on, and I woke up. Went for a long walk through downtown Chicago just after dawn, and it was really nice, gorgeous and muggy along the lakeshore, boats bobbing along at the dock. I think it was an integrating dream, which is essential, but dude. I no longer want to teach people how to be dead, for a living.]

So yeah, I put in for Clinical Staffing, the float department, and I can work my eight hour shifts and get some variety and see some people get well for a change. I'm excited! And I want it to start tomorrow, so that I don't have to go back to the Hole. But I suppose I must be hired, first. :)

3. Hey, who left me the cool brown and rust beaded wrist band on my suitcase? You sneak. I meant to say something yesterday, but I forgot. Rock on! *mwah*

4. I'll attempt CFTC pt 2 tonight, but it's difficult, because it was on Friday that my own scared-bunniness was revealed to me in all its non-glory, and it's difficult to remember without regrets. Even though Friday was also, like, the best day of my entire life. Hmm! That fits, I guess.

5. I haven't even opened my suitcase yet. Ahahahahaha!!
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