silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Wow, it doesn't look like I'll be doing a big cftc vii writeup, but that's okay, I guess. I will mention, though, how different Chris seemed this year, for those folks on my flist who aren't hooked up to the fandom IV. Last year he seemed muted. There, but not really, and gossip and rumors and outright report (Bev, ahahaha, love you) had him crouching in his basement, drunk every day, on the ragged edge of depression.

This year... whoa. Hi, Chris. He looked good, and it was more than long curly hair and a bright red shirt. It was his air of animal happiness, his clear skin and bright teeth and bushy coat, but also his willingness to hunker down with the fans and just party. He had this vibe... okay, I'm a Chris girl, always have been (you're shocked) and the trickC love in my heart will never die. But really, JC's always been the truly sexy one for me, and Chris is good-looking but never had that air of walking around all day with a hard cock and lust in his heart.

Hallelujah, I have seen the light. Chris radiated sex this year, and I couldn't take my eyes off him. Rumor had it he'd just broken up with someone, but if I hadn't heard about that, I'd think the opposite. The boy seems like he's getting it regular, and how. He's living in his body these days, I think, and it shows. Made me so happy to see. Mrrowl. Go, Chris!

Monday I'll take some photos of my new place, maybe. From my balcony I can see only trees and water, and I've got vaulted ceilings of rough dark wood and a kitchen that two people can stand in simultaneously. V. nice, but now I've got to, like, actually move there. I get tired just talking about the set list moving!

TrickC Day: Oct. 31st. Might have to write that ghost story after all.

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