silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Couple of pictures of my new place:

Well, the view, anyway. It's nice.

Lake Orienta's right across the street from Florida Hospital Altamonte. Busy road, busy intersection, sudden turn into the community that amps up my heartrate every time, because invariably the person in the car behind me has to slam on the brakes to avoid getting jiggy with my Nissan. Condo, condo, condo, boring outside of condo, creaky staircase to condo, hallway into condo, LAKE. Ahhh. Palm trees, water, silence.

It's so quiet in there. I heard water birds and bugs, and I don't know if it's me or the peaceful nature of the place, but the little lizard I startled on the balcony when I was taking pictures clutched his heart, then crouched and looked at me, unafraid. Felt like a good sign. I put up a little tinkly wind chime, just a little silvery sounding thing, to say hi.

Also, I moved three plants and a coffee table today, and I AM OVER IT. Damn.

I am totally into the idea of JC and Justin winding around each other like snakes, but somehow Chris keeps interfering. Stupid Chris, go away. You, sir, are no snake.

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