silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

A wee bit of friendslist trimming. The next twenty days or so are going to be brutal for a lazy wench like me. Actually, though, if I wanted to save time, I'd get rid of ohnotheydidnt, but I can't. It's such crack.

Went to the new place today, to wait for the AC guy to figure out why the AC keeps freezing up everytime it's turned on. He never showed. I spent a long time downloading ringtones for my phone (Devo! Alice in Chains! Adam Ant!), and watched some little redheaded ducks waddling around in the weeds next to the lake. Then I crawled up onto the kitchen counter, because I have no furniture yet, and took a nap. It was very comfortable! Also funny, because I kept thinking about JC with his feet in the sink, and Chris thinking Whatever, really. Good times. I need to reread that one, and then of course everything rhyssj has ever written.

And now I'm thinking about the swap story with only a moderate level of panic, although I have nothing. Eh. It'll all come together. No worries.
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