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Just so you know I'm not completely wasting my time while I'm not-writing the swap story:


Stupid song. Stupid lyrics, stupid melody. He can't sing it, none of them will be able to, what a waste of time.

After a while he can feel Chris's eyes on him, and sure enough when he turns his head Chris is watching him, arms crossed over his chest.

"Shut up," he says, and Chris smiles.

"Maybe later. What are you freaking out about now?"

JC sighs and flips over a page in his notebook, but the clean page is worse, somehow.


"Uh huh."

Chris grabs the notebook and flips the page back. It's not even worth trying to snatch the notebook away. Chris would only jump on him full force and take the notebook right out of his flailing hand. Anyway, he's about the only person JC can tolerate looking at the new stuff. Joey loves everything, and Lance just smirks at him. Justin... surprisingly, JC doesn't find "why didn't you do it like this?" to be helpful, really.

Chris, though. He pokes his lower lip as he reads, swaying a little with the motion of the bus, and then he plops down on the big orange couch, crowding JC out of his way. After a few minutes he looks up at JC and opens his mouth, and JC gets ready. But then he closes his mouth and goes back to reading, and JC watches him as he concentrates, yanking absently on one beard horn.

Finally Chris tosses the notebook aside. "Yeah, crap," he says, and sighs.

JC sits up.

"What? Fuck, I knew it. Even the bridge? I know it's choppy, but." He hums and starts singing, and it's not so bad, not bad at all with a little work. Chris joins in after a minute, his harmonies rising pure and clear above the sucky melody, and when they stop singing JC can hear a few notes beyond, what the song wants to be.

"Eh, maybe," Chris says. He pounds on JC's knee a few times with one fist and gets up. "Want something from McDonald's?"

"Nope, I'm gonna." JC waves his hand around in the air, and as Chris heads for the front of the bus, he tries to find his pen.


previously posted to onlyonearound which you should check out omg if you haven't

Also, it seems I am Severus Snape. Huh. Didn't think I was that cranky.
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