silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Slept at the new place the last two nights. Also, moving my computer today, amidst much angst over the possibility that one of the interior widgets will slip out of place and restartup will produce smoke and grinding. Backup? I laugh at you, puny mortals, in your patheticness of common sense. Ha! Ha!

Actually, a little smoke and grinding doesn't sound bad. The JuC could use some.

Those little redheaded ducks sleep on the wooden dock under my balcony. Waddle out in a line along the walkway around 9pm and settle in for the night. At daybreak they waddle back down to the shore, stepping carefully through the weeds at the edge of the water, and swim away. Where do they go? If I got a canoe or one of those cool paddle boat thingies, I could follow them. Lots of people around here have them, and every morning they scoot around on the lake before it gets too muggy out, and everywhere they go the frogs get suddenly quiet, but the croaking and squawking starts up again right after they pass. Frogs, not too bright, but I digress. There's a sporting goods store by my place. Too bad I swim like a chunk of cement, despite all the lessons.

So, talk to you in a bit. BrightHouse cable's gonna come out on Thursday, they say. Not sure why they need to, as I have my box and a shiny cable coming in through the wall at the new place. Just flip the switch, darn ya! But whatever, they probably assume I can't figure out the cable modem box, and truthfully... never mind. Never mind. What was I saying?
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