January 18th, 2004

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LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:silveryscrape
Your haiku:out of his mind the
memories are as present to
him as his present
Created by Grahame

Hmm! Kinda cool.

I love this meme. *hugs meme*

and I really like hugging inanimate things

Okay, off to the salt mines. Yesterday I sent home the 29 yr old dying of gall bladder cancer, so today I may only have three patients, Jah willing. Remind me to get radiology to do a dye study of my one patient's central line, okay? They put it in her neck and now it's leaking all over. In her neck! Leaking all over! Creepy.

*licks* to all my flist, and sorry to the last few folks since my tongue'll be dry by then, and I BE GODDAMN but I'm jonsing to write something. Even though I'm totally with whoever that was who talked about her internal censor screwing it up all the time. So frustrating when you type "JC said" into a fresh Word file and your brain immediately shrieks "THAT IS THE MOST RETARDED THING I'VE EVER READ. NEVER WRITE AGAIN *EVER.* Tends to make the process a little less fun.

Remix! Assignments tonight! Come to think of it. Whee!

Adios, mi gentes.
tired kitten

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I'm this close to putting my head down on the desk right now, although god knows this nat'l geographic special on bats with those weird kratt brothers is riveting. But I wanted to talk about my patients from today before I pass out.

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