May 10th, 2004

tired kitten

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Dear JC:

I knew you'd be good. No, hee! I mean, I knew you wouldn't disappoint. Err, no. I mean, goddamn, baby, you're amazing.

Well, yeah. I guess that is what I mean.

All my love, and even more,


A quick one, because me and my sister and my niece are gonna go have a "Jane/Maya/Aunt Vicki" day. Which, you know, my middle name is Victoria. But if any of you ever calls me Vicki? Death from above, and that I *do* mean. Heh. Vicki is my Josh, get me?

Then I gotta pack, because apparently tomorrow I'm off to NYC. This jet-setting life is exhausting! When do I get to just sit around for hours on the internet? Man.

The shows were phenomenal, as everyone has said. I loved hanging out with spasticat, just talking shit. Got to meet some way cool lj-ers, but didn't get to talk to some folks I wanted to, because of time and tongue-tied adulation (that really does get in the way of a good snarky conversation! suck) and tiredness. By the time we all sat down together in the bowling alley of Prom Doom it was about 17 hours past my bedtime. So I only got to nag foxmonkey about Chasez Lake (sorry, hee) and merryish about ghost stories (more, yay!) and I think I said "hey" to a few folks but it's all kind of a JC-tinged blur. uschickens recognized me, which was weird yet cool, and I got to talk a lot to lilysaid and withdiamonds and her daughters, fabulous, but I didn't get to meet without_me or tallories and a lot of other folks, which was too bad. Ah, well. We'll always have Challenge.

I want to write a nice long prurient description of JC and I will, but it'll have to wait. We're going to go eat noodles.

*mwah* to alla y'all, by the way.

p.s. it's weird how addictive the Chasez is. I don't think five shows will be enough.