October 23rd, 2004

tired kitten

(no subject)

Y'all, Winter Park is weird. Yesterday I went to Pier1 Imports and they had valet parking. Which I respectfully declined. Luckily, I live in the UCF student ghetto, so I don't feel quite so out of place... but, another oddity, I was driving around one of those ubiquitous Florida strip malls the other day, the kind with fast food places in the parking lot and many little pharmacies and bookstores and cake decorating places and whatnot, and I realized that half the strip mall was actually the college campus itself! Which says something about higher education and commercialization that I don't even want to contemplate... mainly because I am lazy.

Yeah, looks like my strategy for dealing with the ebb of this month is to talk out my anomie with all of you all as my unwilling victims. Mwahaha.... hey, wait! Come back! Damn it.

But anyway, yeah, weird, although I've discovered that Rollins College has a kickASS little radio station, and they will play just about anything. That's nice. There's also a good jazz station in Orlando, but man, I cannot abide piano jazz. All tinkly noodling stylings, it makes me want to MOCK fiercely and that can't be good. Right? It is fun, though, the mocking.

I believe I'm going to write some porn today. I don't feel like doing the brake job thing, except perhaps metaphorically (tools!), and such is the nature of my meh that I didn't even meet paperdollkisses for the Universal Fright Night thing or whatever it was last night. Because I suck. But right now I am entrenched in my meh, wallowing nicely, and I reckon if I get some good porn out of it then that'll be okay.

Off to meh, with porn. I'm afraid it's going to be rife with a kind of schadenfreude: nobody comes! Mwahahaha! ;)